What precedes a wedding?

It has long been a tradition that when a man is to marry, he says goodbye before the wedding ceremony, so-called freedom. It`s just like the last enjoyment before he becomes a conscientious father from the family, who will no longer have such a madness or thought.

But how is it going in the Czech Republic? Often, when the man in question gets together with a few friends, goes around several pubs, bars or entertainment venues, drinks something here, and then perhaps he somehow gets home to sober up and become a future dignified father from his family. So that`s nothing special, is it? And often, in the end, it`s more of a disgrace than a dignified farewell.

obrázek oslavy

But we also have many more ways to say goodbye to freedom. We no longer live isolated from the rest of the world in Eastern Europe, totalitarian and poor so that one could not afford much. Today, you can say goodbye to freedom in style. Maybe with all the luxury somewhere on the other side of the world.

Don`t you believe me? But believe me. Because it really is. Today, you can go to exotic Colombia to say goodbye to freedom. And there is nothing to fear at all, even if one has not yet visited this country and knows nothing about it.

Colombia is not just a country of drug cartels. It is also a place where you can organize an absolutely perfect bachelor party for groom mybachelorparty.com, which we could never arrange with us.

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What about such a farewell in the form of a cruise on a luxury ship? How about staying on an island, full of fun, or going around entertainment venues in the historic center of Cartagena? How about a lot of other pleasures from which the expectant husband simply chooses and can consider it fulfilled in advance?

In short and well, no one has to say goodbye to freedom in a boring way. There are also far better options. And wouldn`t you like to try them with your friends?

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